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There was a version of this album which was a box of 45's. I had it as a kid. My sister had the LP, and I had the 45's. The LP also came with a pipe cleaner which you could shape into the letters, and a blackboard and chalk in the gatefold (I can just picture all the chalk dust getting all over the record.....what a nutso idea!!)

The letters were not merely letters. They were a bunch of tiny books in the shapes of letters, maybe made of 4 cardboard leaves each, in which, when opened, illustrated their corresponding songs. There was a tote bad to hold these letters after they'd been punched out of their sheets.

I can't remember if the box of 45s also contained these add-ons. I suspect it did not.

The reissue did not have the chalkboard or the inserts, but the gatefold had a bunch of new "Learn Your Letters" cartoon art which had no direct correlation to the songs. --Sojambi Pinola 17:15, 5 July 2006 (UTC)

Does anybody have a scan of the first Columbia edition of this? The one pictured is the CRA re-issue. They're almost exactly the same, except for the logo in the upper right hand corner. Thanks. -- ErnieBert 20:45, 3 March 2007 (UTC)

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