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Edits 11-17-09 from Email interview with Karen Falk

Here is what I wrote to Karen Falk on 11-17-09:

Thanks again for all your earlier help. I am updating the Muppet Wiki article "Jim Henson Company Archives." I wrote that the archives were formerly in NYC, but they're now housed in Long Island City (no details of the street address, telephone no,, etc. will be added.)
I am interested if the following statements are still accurate:
The archive's database, as of 2003, included over 10,000 records; by 2007, the records catalogued had grown to 21,000. The archive takes up 1,000 feet of physical space, shared with the photo library. Certain physical artifacts are stored off-site, such as 300,000 cels from Muppet Babies. Karen Falk serves as head archivist, with Carla DellaVedova, Hillary Howell and Lauren Bien having served as Associate Archivists.
Please let me know if you would like any of this information updated or removed. Furthermore, would you say that during the course of the move from Manhattan, you transferred more artifacts to storage, or vice versa?

Here is what Karen wrote back:

Regarding the archives, here are some current facts:
The NY archives, documented in about 23,000 database entries, houses documents, artwork, production records, licensed products, awards and Jim Henson's personal papers. 3-D objects from this collection are housed in off-site storage. The media archives, which is comprised of about 75,000 items, and the photo library are housed in the Henson Company headquarters in Hollywood and off-site storage. Karen Falk, based in NY, is Director of Archives. Carla Dellavedova, Media Archives Manager, and Hillary Howell, Media Archivist, are based in Hollywood. A small portion of the Henson media archives relating to Jim's film work is housed in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Archives in Los Angeles.
Most of the Muppet Babies cels were transferred to Disney. The Henson archives maintains a small collection for historical purposes.
Lauren Bien has not worked here for about 10 years.
We did not change our storage situation when we moved from Manhattan.

Tom (talk) 22:27, November 17, 2009 (UTC)

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