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Since some were asking about it, here's the list of air dates revealed in the special (I added the episodes):
Gordon & Sally 11/10/69 (Episode 0001)
Pitch Tape (boardroom scene) 2/17/69 (Sesame Street Pitch Reel)
Rubber Duckie (version 2) 2/25/70 (Episode 0078)
Pinball Number Count 2/22/77 (Episode 0989)
Mad Painter #4 2/17/72 (Episode 0354)
C is for Cookie 3/28/72 ([[Episode 0382]])
Adults see Snuffy 11/18/85 (Episode 2096)
Jazz #10 2/19/71 (Episode 0205)
Mr. Hooper's death 11/24/83 (Episode 1839)
Baker #3 11/10/69 (Episode 0001)
Bein' Green 3/10/70 (Episode 0087)

A few of them, most notably Jazz #10, seem a bit off, but we have no evidence to support that.Hilleyb 01:05, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

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