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Research report

A great deal of information about the contents of these pilots is in an ERIC research document titled "Report of Research on Five Test Shows (ED126859)." Anyone with access to a large public or university library should be able to look it up. Most of it is probably unhelpful statistical analysis, but it's got to have some info.

Abstract: The first five experimental hour-long versions of "Sesame Street," a children's educational television program, were field tested during the summer of 1969. To provide formative information on the effectiveness of the show and to test the effectiveness of the evaluation instrument, small samples of disadvantaged and middle class four-year olds from New York City and Philadelphia were asked to view "Sesame Street" and then tested on recognition and classification of body parts, numbers, letters, and geometric forms. Results showed that: (1) children made positive gains; (2) gains depended on background characteristics; (3) visual attention was high; (4) certain production techniques increased interest; and (5) the tests proved acceptable. This report describes subjects, procedures, results, and interpretations; the appendixes provide graphical and tabular summaries. (EMH)

-- Hilleyb 19:04, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Ernie and Bert Dancing??

You know about when Batman tells The Duo to take turns watching their favorite shows. then aferwhich after Ernie changes to a channel where they see some guy pointing out letters in a funkey way causing them to dance. I wonder why Jim Henson would give them eye alterations while they were dancing?-- Fuzzyface32 12:32, 08 December 2006

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