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These episodes were posted by anonymous/unreliable posters. It's not clear whether these episode descriptions are accurate or not. I'm parking them here until they can be verified. -- Danny (talk) 05:24, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

  • Episode 2098 -- The Count Counts Circles
  • Episode 2099 -- Gordon Has Dinner At Snuffy's Cave
  • Episode 2105 -- Dr. Nobel Price "Discovers" The Law Of Gravity (Repeat)
  • Episode 2107 -- Oscar Sets Up A Date For Olivia
  • Episode 2126 -- Oscar's Piano
  • Episode 2131 -- Maria Sings About "Experiment"
  • Episode 2134 -- Placido Flamingo Debuts
  • Episode 2152 -- Big Bird Loses Radar
  • Episode 2159 -- Oscar's Old Teacher Miss Bleachman Visits
  • Episode 2173 -- Luis Reads Swashbuckle/Closed Library
  • Episode 2176 -- The Count Counts Miles/Drawing Pictures
  • Episode 2179 -- Big Bird Wants Bob To Hear His Song

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