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I worked with Rickey about 20 years ago at a fledgling TV station in Rome, GA, which was pretty much the launching pad for his professional career.

At TV14, Rickey honed his production skills while dreaming of working with Jim Henson and the Muppets. I always knew he would make it.

I remember the time that Rickey and his friend, Keith Thomas, flew to New York to audition for Jim, not long before he died. Rickey flew back to New York a short time later for Jim's funeral.

Rickey has always been extremely talented, in art, puppeteering, video production and the occasional practical joke. I have never seen anyone go to such great lengths to pull off the best practical jokes.

I once called Rickey and sent him a picture of the company president of my current employer. Rickey was able to create "SecureTax Steve," the mascott of our personal online tax preparation web site, SecureTax. SecureTax was later sold to another company, but I still have an enlarged drawing of "SecureTax Steve" in my office.

*Sigh* Maybe one day, he will remember the little people in Rome, GA and his hometown of Adairsville, GA.

Jack Roberts
Server Systems Engineer
CCH Small Firm Services
Rome, GA

-- user:Jroberts2589 17:52, July 25, 2007

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