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Sesame Street

Does anyone know when Ray Charles performed this on Sesame Street? The Stars Come Out on Sesame Street says that all the songs from the album came from performances on the show. -- Peter (talk) 20:34, 8 September 2006 (UTC)

Does the album have a copyright date listed? If so, I would guess that season, unless it was written earlier and Ray Charles performed a remake of the song. --Minor muppetz 21:10, 8 September 2006 (UTC)
The song is from a musical that was written in the 1950s, so that doesn't really help. -- Peter (talk) 21:18, 8 September 2006 (UTC)
The Ray Charles page says it was from 1977. I can't find an episode number, though. Also, does anyone know if the sketch had any Muppets in it? The song itself is just Ray, but I was wondering if it's jsut him at a piano or if something else is going on. -- Peter (talk) 21:22, 8 September 2006 (UTC)
A clip from this song appeared in Sesame Street's All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Streets Forever. In that clip, there are no Muppets. Ray sang and played the piano in the arbor area, and was joined by several kids, as well as Gordon. I can't remember if any other adults were there, though. --Minor muppetz 01:37, 9 September 2006 (UTC)

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