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NYC Family Ambassadors

I daresay this merits a mention somewhere on here, but I'm not sure how much prominence to give it. Powers 17:33, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

The city so nice they named it twice

I think "New York City, NY" looks better as an article title. I think that's usually how it's written, because the double title looks odd. Can we change it? -- Danny Toughpigs 14:46, 22 March 2006 (UTC)

Sure! We're still sort of experimenting with the Real World locations, including the titles. Illinois, USA also looks a bit odd, but I thought it would be useful as a model if we wind up adding Ontario or Hampshire and so foth. On reflection, though, I think even most of our international users know where Illinois is (and *hopefully* most Yanks know where Ontario and Hampshire are, at least which nation anyway). --Andrew, Aleal 15:23, 22 March 2006 (UTC)
Yeah, we could do "New York City", "London", "Illinois" and "Ontario" without any problems. I dunno about Hampshire, but I think states, territories and capital cities are pretty safe. -- Danny Toughpigs 15:28, 22 March 2006 (UTC)
Of course Yanks know where Ontario is. It's about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.-- Erik Ebrowne 18:52, 22 March 2006 (UTC)
Heh. I know you're joking, but now you've reinforced the possibility that, awkward titles though they may be, specificity is needed. And so a single quip muddies the waters of discussion again! (Sadly, as I haven't linked some new pages that reference New York, so as to avoid a double redirect situation when/if a move occurs; I still like New York City, NY best myself). --Andrew, Aleal 20:56, 22 March 2006 (UTC)
When you mail something to New York City isn't it just New York, NY (not New York City, NY). I think the "City" is added to "New York" just to prevent confusion from "New York State" (which is only states that the word "State" is usally added to, in order to define it from the city. You don't hear people say "I was in New Jersey state today")... I think for US cities we should do city name and state abreviation (not the full state name) -- such as Kermit, TX, Hollywood, New York, NY. Now for the states themselves, I don't think we need the ",USA". -- BradFraggle 22:29, 22 March 2006 (UTC)
I could get behind that, yeah. --Andrew, Aleal 22:33, 22 March 2006 (UTC)
For mail, it's only "New York, NY" if it's going to Manhattan. Powers 17:33, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

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