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Questions about

  • OK, I started the page. There are some details left out - I made the page in one marathon session last night but uploaded it today because I was too tired to do a final proofread. I'm sure there are areas that can be elaborated on. Questions that I have that maybe someone else can answer...
  • Is the Muppet Meteors game a hold-over from It fits the space theme of Muppets from Space & just seems out of place with the rest of Unfortunately, my recollection of keeps getting fuzzier & fuzzier...
  • Does anyone know exactly when the website went live? What time the initial countdown clock was running to?
  • At any rate, the page is up &, hopefully, informative enough to satisfy most needs. Enjoy. -Sbartok 16:28, 7 Jan 2006 (UTC)-

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