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In the article it's been mentioned that "certain things are reversed in the monitors". However, would it be worth making it clear that Muppeteers work "Straight scan", whereas some non-Henson television programmes work with "Reverse-Scan-monitors". And of course some Tv programmes routinely worked with "mixed scan teams" ie teams where some puppeteers were workign with Straight Scan Monitors and some were working with Reverse Scan(such as Spitting Image was a good example of a mixed scan team). For many years Hensons prided itself on being almost entirrely "Straight Scan", and some of the Muppeteers are apparently proud of it. Marcus Clarke wrote a very interesting and informative article on the subject of Straight Scan versus Reverse Scan, see: Some if some does bring the subject into the wiki they might want to cite it. Emma 21:35, June 1, 2010 (UTC)

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