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Season 14

Not an active question so much as info parking/speculation, but significant enough to merit a stump tag (when/if Joe or anyone is able to question Sesame Workshop archive folks again). The info that Norberto Kerner (whose page I'm working on, once I can get an image up, some time this week I think) appeared in several season 14 episodes was given to Joe by them (see Category talk:Sesame Street Guest Stars) and the guest chart helpfully captions him as playing "Ortiz." So, with the detailed archive rundown we have of his two season 9 appearances and his relationship with Mr. Hooper, given how spotty our season 14 coverage currently is, and since we know Will Lee died in December 1982, before the season ended (and we also know they had more of a year round production schedule back then, or closer than now anyway), this leads to likely speculation (but since it is speculation, it can't go on the page unless proven). While the writers were deciding how to handle Lee's death and address the absence of Mr. Hooper, before the ultimate result which we all know, several episodes occurred in the interval, so it seems possible that they brought Mr. Ortiz back as a temporary stopgap before they could deal with it permanently. It even seems likely in fact, but it can only be proven either by more season 14 one-line plot summaries or a direct query to someone at Sesame. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 07:44, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

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