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Although I would love to be proven wrong -- it look like this show may have ended up being yet another unfinished project as there doesn't appear to be any development. It's been over a year since the pilots were filmed, and its more than 11 months since the initially projected timeframe for the debut. The last mention of the show by Henson or TBS was in the publicity material for the Puppet Up! TV special (which was last November) - and those press release references just simply stated that Henson had previously worked with TBS on the pilot (there was no mention of the series moving forward) and nothing has developed or been mention about it in over a year now. Also all the other comedy shows included in that big batch of original programs that TBS was developing along with Late Night Buffet (such as My Boys, 10 Items or Less, House of Payne, Frank TV...) have either been officially picked up (and are airing) or have long since been scrapped. So should we move this page our of Development and into Unfinished? Should we try contact someone at Henson to find out the status of this? Does anyone know if there is still life in this project? Or is it another one for the Henson vaults? -- Brad D. (talk) 06:39, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

If you know anyone's e-mail, it's worth a shot, but barring any such response and as of now (and considering the fact that TV shows generally have a shorter production time frame than films), it does look like it's worth recategorizing. In the unlikely event that something new turns up, we can always revive it. And in which case I'd also suggest deleting Category:Late Night Buffet Guest Stars. I've never been that fond of it, but a seperate category listing four guests who appeared only in two pilots taped the same day, when all are listed on this page, seems a little unnecessary (if it had went to series, or in the unlikely event that it actually does, then it would be worthwhile). -- Andrew Leal (talk) 16:46, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

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