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First appearance in TMS

The article states that the song was first performed in the Kris & Rita episode and then re-used in the Pearl Bailey episode. Having watched both "performances" back-to-back, I'm of the opinion that it is in fact the other way round. The Pearl Bailey version has a more raw-sounding soundtrack and missing some of the overdubs and sound effects used in the Kris & Rita version. In addition, the Pearl Bailey version is a longer edit; it ends with Fozzie wiggling his ears and Rowlf grinning while the audience applauses whereas in the Kris & Rita version the action cuts to a shot of the Muppet audience applauding. As further "proof", Pearl Bailey's episode aired in the UK eight months before Kris & Rita's did. Thoughts? David French 02:19, November 12, 2010 (UTC)

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