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Princess Sabrina, one of Grant's own puppets, was supposedly used in a 2004 Muppet series pilot. Does it qualify for a page? -- Zanimum 17:27, 15 May 2007 (UTC)

I don't think so. That must have been the America's Next Muppet pilot, which had a bunch of puppeteers and their puppets. They weren't Muppet characters, and I don't think Baciocco should be categorized as a Muppet Performer, especially because the pilot didn't even air. -- Danny (talk) 14:36, 16 May 2007 (UTC)
I agree that he shouldn't be listed as a Muppet performer and I'm him!  :) It was the "America's Next Muppet" Pilot. I also don't think Princess Sabrina deserves her own page. That's just my two cents. I leave it up to you guys to edit it though as I'd feel weird editing a page about myself. Thanks! Grant
Oh wow, quite a roster of contributors here. So would you be more comfortable listed as "Category:Henson Company Staff", even though (I presume) you're only hired for the podcast on a freelance basis? (I was under the impression that Henson Co. had created new puppets themselves for use in the series.) Grant, who else was playing the non-canonical Muppets in the pilot? Can you remember/legally say? Were any of them created by individual puppeteers, rather than the Muppet Workshop? -- Zanimum 17:35, 16 May 2007 (UTC)
There were two days of shooting, I was only at one. I don't really remember everyone, but that's probably because that;'s when I met Leslie Carrara-Rudolph for the first time and we became fast friends and hung out for most of the shooting. Leslie used her puppet Velvet Lamb-more (SP?) in the audition. There was another Muppet performer there but I always blank on his name. It was funny because Leslie and this guy were sort of thrown in as ringers but I knew who both of them were so I knew their "act" was just an act. THis other guy was supposed to be a "jerk" and I kept thinking, "I've met him before! He's a cool guy! He's not like this." Anyway, I've only seen the 10 minute pilot once and I'd LOVE to get a copy of it! (I mean come on, it's got me talking to Gonzo, Kermit, Pepe and Piggy! As far as classification of me goes, wherever you decide. I am working on a freelance basis. I'm just tickled someone thought I deserved a page.  :) Also, in an upcoming episode of Dr. Floyd, John Kennedy makes a cameo. He's another good friend. Thanks again! ToasterBoy 20:31, 16 May 2007 (UTC)

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