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DVD release

I was in a local DVD store in Sydney the other day and spotted the DVD release of the Fraggle Rock animated series. "Must also be out in the US," I thought to myself dismissively. So I was astounded to discover no apparent reference to it here on the wiki. (Slap me if I've missed it!)

Here's s a link with the cover [1]. I haven't grabbed the DVD myself yet (Fraggles aren't a huge priority for me -- the Oz regular releases have no bonus features!), so I can't confirm the claim that the DVD is region-free (the '1-8' could imply that but could also be ignorance) -- but I can confirm that, despite being out of stock here, it's on sale. Presumably it should get added to the videography, but I assume it doesn't make sense to add it to every episode list (which have DVD links if they've been bonus features). Just wanted to put the link here to prove I'm not imagining things :-) Gusworld 04:30, 2 April 2008 (UTC)

Nice find! I've bought some Mexican Region 1/4 DVDs myself, so it's probably correct, and if we can confirm it through another site, that would be good enough. The Dog City Aussie DVD (which I also have; it plays fine on my PC without adjusting the region settings, just not any players) is also listed by most dealers as "out of stock." Thanks for sharing and parking the info here, so someone can get around to creating the page for it or whatever. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 04:58, 2 April 2008 (UTC)

A few?

The article makes the following claim: "Many episodes consisted of two 15-minute stories; however, a few presented a single full 30-minute plot." "A few" seems like a strong claim given that only two broadcasts clearly fit this criteria (No Fraggle Is An Island and The Great Fraggle Freeze). The pair of episodes Mokey's Flood Of Creativity / What The Doozers Did might also qualify, since the plot of one informs the other -- but even if we accept that, that's three, which (to my mind anyway) isn't "a few". Would the text be better off changed to "however, two/three presented . . ." (I'm working solely off the descriptions here, so don't want to mess something up based on ignorance!) Gusworld 05:55, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

"A few" can mean three, so I don't think that's far wrong. However, I didn't write that sentence, which dates back to the earliest version, so feel free to adjust to more accurately reflect what we have. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 06:01, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

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