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Hello, I have a question!!! Where do the Muppet DVD's with Information on Muppet wiki, of Sesame Street Season episodes come from? And/or, where do the DVD's and Video Information, with the frozen frame Pictures, and Segment descriptions come from of old episodes? Can you buy them in stores, or are they in the Sesame Workshop studio? Can you buy them? If so, how much money do they cost? Thanks--- UTC user: PrairieErnie

No, these are not sold in stores. They come from tapes people have recorded from PBS. - Oscarfan 14:05, December 27, 2009 (UTC)

Do you know anybody who just so happen to have them on tape? I wanted to hook up with you, Oscarfan, to see if anybody has them, and-or can make a copy, (If they can, and if they'll let me), and burn them, (If it's legal), to a DVD, and "IF" they do, however, I wanted for you to hook up, (If they'll let you do it), that has a video recorded from PBS of an old Sesame Street episode, and tell me their name(s), (If you can do this, not 100% sure, but if you can get permission), because, I do not have any old PBS Recorded tapes of any Sesame Street episodes at all!!! However, I have always wanted a Sesame Street VHS/DVD copy of any of the episodes they have recorded, (If they'll let you), and then, however, you can give me their email address, and you can tell me what they have said!!! First, get their permission, and then, however, (maybe later on today, if you are not busy), and let me know, and give me their email address, and I'll email them, "IF" you happen to know who, and/or, who doesn't have any of the Sesame Street episodes recorded on tape, and tell me, perhaps if they do, or not, okay? However, "IF" you know somebody, tell them, and explain to them about this, okay? Hi, my name is Ben Malloy, and I have been a user at the Wikia since this past Summer, 2009, and I have been many user names, and please let them know, okay? I just got the Sesame Street 40 years of Sunny Days DVD for Christmas, and Love it!!!

Thanks--- UTC user: PrarieErnie

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