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Korman Anecdote

While the story is amusing, I don't know how I feel about using a Muppet Central post which is itself admittedly relating a second-hand anecdote as a primary source. Is there any other source for this information, or any way to reword it? It's a cute story but "show biz" stories have a way of changing and expanding, especially when passed from one person to another. Andrew Leal (talk) 15:52, 20 May 2006 (UTC)



Harvey Korman really did not want to appear on this show. He didn't want to make an appearance on "a puppet show", especially if it meant having to go to England, and did not agree untill he got an offer to appear in a film that was to be produced in England (it ended up not being made). He told Jim Henson that he would appear on the show as long as he "didn't do something stupid, like wear a chicken outfit". However, Jim Henson thought that he was joking and built a chicken suit for him.

Between takes of the Talk Spot when characters are dressing Harvey up as a chicken, Eren Ozker had Hilda tallk to Harvey about how the Muppets are treating him, and Harvey was actually talking to Hilda, not Eren, so after this, whenever Harvey Korman refused to do something, the producers asked Eren Ozker to get Hilda.

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