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Note for casual readers

Oscarfan, are you suggesting that the following is not a valid reason?; "this wiki is supposed to provide info for EVERYONE, not just Muppet fans who already know everything." What about all of the casual readers who come to this page, and know nothing about the fact that Kermit has a cameo in it? Are you suggesting that just because its not "news" and repetitive to us Muppet fans, that it should not be mentioned? That does not sound valid to me, frankly it sounds snobbish, and it clearly alienates causal readers who come here to LEARN about the Muppets. It is a notable fact for this page, considering that fact that Kermit is NOT owned by the Sesame Workshop, that makes his presence a special event of sorts. A wiki is essentially supposed to be an online encyclopedia for people to get knowledge on a certain subject, in this case, the Muppets. So what is the harm? I would also love to hear Danny's thoughts on this.--Gonzofan 23:25, August 10, 2011 (UTC)

His appearance on this DVD is about as notable as his appearance on Elmo's Travel Songs and Games or Best of Sesame Street Spoofs!. "Frogs" is old material featuring him, which SW has the right to release without WB's permission. Something like Silly Storytime is a difference because a new image of him appears on the cover and we have a whole backstory about it. The note about Kermit's appearance in the segment is on the Frogs page, the episode it first appeared in, his own page and the season 40 page. It's relevant info there, but there's no need to put it everywhere the sketch appears. It's not noted on episode 4216 when the segment re-aired because it's a reused bit, nothing new or special about it. The same can be said of this. - Oscarfan 23:33, August 10, 2011 (UTC)
Alright fine, that's all logical. I appreciate the response, I know I always say that, but really, I DO appreciate it. To be frank I was also bugged by the "we've been over this" statement, because, as I noted, the edit I made today was NOT the same thing I tried before. The first time, I also said, "His first new appearance since 2001" THAT, is the statement that is mentioned everywhere. The only thing I tried this time was "Kermit has a cameo". So, I tried something different.-Gonzofan 00:31, August 11, 2011 (UTC)

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