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DDRD on Shalom Sesame Chanukah

I'm just now remembering this catchy song, and, surprisingly, the only place from which I know it is the "Chanukah" episode of Shalom Sesame. I know that "Eight Beautiful Notes" was included in the lineup because the eight notes of the scale are analogous to the eight days of Chanukah, but what does "Do De Rubber Duck" have to do with the holiday? Although the owner of the rubber duck could claim that the duck is his present, I am not quite certain that the custom of Chanukah presents is observed in all menorah-lighting households.

It must be that, not counting Ernie, there are eight other muppets with solo parts, and they appear in the tub one by one. Ernie acts as the anchor, activating eight other muppets, the same way the shamash candle acts as the anchor on the chanukiah, activating eight other candles.

Well, the series did intersplice segments from Sesame Street though..Show 3: Kibbutz includes Jazz #4. Its been so long since I've seen the episodes I had I don't remember for sure, but I think they kinda picked select sketches and songs and included them as inserts. Your explanation works too but would need some higher-level confirmation with the symbolism. Like where your heads at though! And your comment gave me an excuse to watch the clip again :) --Cantus Rock 15:04, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

Missing Verses

Does anyone know why the verses for Kermit, Biff, etc. were removed from the released version on Put Down the Duckie casette? Theatrefreak25 20:21, 23 October 2006 (UTC)

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