TV 2/Denmark, the second national TV channel in Denmark (DR is the first), went on air October 1st, 1998. TV 2 was created as an independent company with public service obligations. Although it received some money from the government, its main source of income was commercials, which could only be shown between programs. In 2003 the station was purchased by the Danish state which plans to sell stock to investors at a later date. In 2004 the channel stopped getting government funds, and was instead fully commercialized. From January 2012, the channel was no longer free to watch, making DR to be the only nation wide free channel.

There are eight regional stations connected to TV 2 (TV2/NORD, TV SYD, TV2/FYN, TV/MIDT-VEST, TV2/Lorry, TV 2/ØSTJYLLAND, TV 2/BORNHOLM & TV2 ØST). Each of these stations operates independently and mainly serves to broadcast local news three times a day. In 2012, each of the regional stations got an additional channel for local programming. During the years TV 2 has launched associated satellite/cable channels, currently the channels include : "TV 2 Zulu" for ages 15-40 in 2002, "TV 2 Charlie" for adult programming in 2004, "TV 2 Play", a streaming service, originally named "Sputnik" (2004), "TV 2 News" a 24 hours news channel in 2006, "TV 2 Fri", a outdoor and hobby channel, "TV 2 Sport" (relaunched in 2015),

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