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Design Team:
Jim Henson • (designer)
Don Sahlin and Bonnie Erickson • (builders)

T.R. is a rooster who first appeared in The Muppet Musicians of Bremen. His big solo number is "Cock a Doodle Blues," sung with a bevy of hens. Although his real name is never given, he offers several meanings for what his initials stand for, including "Tuckered Rooster", "Terrified Rooster," "Travellin' Rooster", "Tender-Hearted Rooster" and "Tough Rooster."

T.R. would later go on to make several appearances on The Muppet Show and other specials, but The Muppet Musicians of Bremen was his only appearance with moving eyelids. Most recently, he has made illustrated cameos in the first issue of Muppet King Arthur (alongside his Muppet Musicians bandmates) and in Tales of a Sixth-Grade Muppet (where he appeared as Miss Piggy's assistant).


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