Swift Wits is a game show hosted by Snookie Blyer which appeared as a recurring UK spot on Muppets Tonight. In each installment, the contestants must answer the secret word before their 10 seconds is up in order to save the cute furry animal's life that they are playing for. Unfortunately, all the contestants get the answers wrong, thus sealing the fate of said cute furry animal, which is immediately consumed by Carl the Big Mean Bunny. The game show had one contestant, Arthur Modell, who got the answer right, but Carl eats the furry animal anyway and the contestant as well.

Episode Contestant Victim
Episode 101: Michelle Pfeiffer Philo Zilfinger Sterling
Episode 102: Garth Brooks Agnes Stonewick Buffy
Episode 105: Cindy Crawford Buster and Colfax Bergman Winky
Episode 110: Martin Short Lester Tomwater Magda
Episode 204: Pierce Brosnan Arthur Modell Rufus
Episode 206: Paula Abdul Nate Leakey Hopper

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