Svenskasesam skivan
Songs from Svenska Sesam
Released 1981
Format LP
Label Metronome
Cat no. MLP 15.687

Svenska Sesam skivan, from Svenska Sesam, was recorded in the WEA-Metronome Studio in the fall of 1981 and released later that year. The circle on the cover shows the two cartoon characters, Hansson and Fia Jansson, that were created for Svenska Sesam by Owe Gustafson.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Sesams Signatur
    (Sesame Street Theme. J. Raposo, J. Stone, B. Hart)
  2. Gummianka - Ernie
    (Rubber Duckie. J. Moss, P-A. Ehlin)
  3. Millejors Butik - Millejor
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)
  4. Det är inte lätt att va' grön - Kermit
    (Bein' Green. J. Raposo, P-A. Ehlin)
  5. Direktörens stress-sång - Dirren, Millejor and Pompom
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)
  6. Tulle Lille - Millejor and Dirren
    (Lill Lindfors)
  7. Primadonnans höga c - Primadonnan
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)
  8. Känner du Fia Jansson - Hansson
    (E. Norlander)
  9. Skräckvalsen - Millejor
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)

Side Two

  1. Kakmonstrets sång - Cookie Monster
    (Cookie. J. Moss, P-A. Ehlin)
  2. Om tjejer hade mustascher - Millejor and Primadonnan
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)
  3. Pompoms klurvisa - Pompom and Dirren
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)
  4. Då visslar jag en stump - Grover and Cookie Monster
    (I Whistle a Happy Tune, Rodgers, Hammerstein, P-A. Ehlin)
  5. Millejors blus - Millejor and Dirren
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)
  6. Millejors kjol - Millejor and Dirren
    (Ekdahl, Flack, Götestam)
  7. Ernie och Berts fantasivisa - Ernie and Bert
    (Imagination. J. Raposo, B.Lindroth, J. Harryson)
  8. Millejors fantasivisa - Millejor
    (Imagination. J. Raposo, Flack, Götestam)

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