Svenska Sesam
Plot Primadonnan's tiara have been stolen
Air date 1981

Picture Segment Description
Scene Ärtan are sitting on a chair while Millejor are trying various hats, and do not answer Ärtans questions properly. It turns out that Millejor are nervous because Sammy Karlson Junior are coming by the theater. Dirren comes by to ask Millejor about how the search are going, Millejor wants to wait with any further search until Sammy and Mozart Gustafson arrives.
Muppets Ernie opens his lunchbox and finds that half of his chicken salad sandwich is missing. Sherlock Hemlock, the world's greatest detective, investigates this fiendish crime. It turns out that Sherlock himself ate half of Ernie's sandwich.
Cartoon Hanson feeds Fia Jansson a sandwich on a forklift.
Artist: Owe Gustafson
Scene Sammy and Mozart arrievs just as Dirren prepares to inform the crew that he is ruined and will have to close the theater if the tiara is not found. Pompom steps up and complains and says that he won't leave the theater it's his life.
Muppets Cookie Monster is about to eat a cookie, as a sad-looking girl approaches and stares at him. He tries to eat the cookie, but can't do it. He breaks the cookie in half and shares the cookie with the girl. He eats his half of the cookie. When the girl eats her half, she eats it just like Cookie Monster.
Scene Everyone are gathered on the stage, and are trying to figure out what happened. Millejor tries to arrange a reconstruction of what happened.
Muppets Ernie pretends to be a dog and a duck. Bert then pretends to be a train, and does it so well that a train conductor and passengers come through the apartment.
Scene Millejor tries to come to a conclusion about the theft of the tiara. They spilt up to look for clues in various places in the theater.
Muppets A group of Anything Muppets enter, with one saying, "Some of us are here, but not all." They leave, and say that now none of them are there. They re-enter with a few more, saying that some of them are there but not all, and leave again, saying that none of them are there. Many Muppets appear, including Bert, Grover, Scudge, Fred's son, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster, who all say, "Now we are all here!"
Scene Primadonnan comes running to Millejor saying that shes afraid. Millejor tells her to sing, to get rid of the feeling.
Muppets Ernie can't sleep, so Bert tells him to count sheep. Ernie tries to count sheep, but it's dull -- so he starts counting fire engines. The noise from the imaginary fire engine wakes Bert up. Bert says that Ernie's waking up the whole neighborhood, and tells him to count something quieter. Ernie counts balloons -- but the balloon gets bigger and bigger, finally bursting with a huge explosion that wakes Bert up again.
Cartoon A guy are counting Fia Johnsons, until suddenly Hansson appears instead.
Artist: Owe Gustafson
Scene Millejor are looking for the tiara, when she suddenly feels like theres someone close to her. It turns out to be a black cat. She sets it loose outside. Millejor then imagines that she and the rest of the cast are ally cats, and they start sining a song about being a ally cat. (YouTube)

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