Susi Schraube and her mechanical friend Freddy

Susi Schraube is a stop-motion animated little girl who loves to invent things. She starred in a series of Sesamstrasse segments beginning in 2012. Her companion is Freddy, a computer who resembles a television with legs and shows her letters from other kids with different questions and problems. She invents machines to solve them.

Susi's last name is the German word for screw, indicating her mechanical talents. 26 segments were produced.


  • Produced by Cecile Noldus and Elk Art Productions
  • Animation: Cecile Noldus, Dirk Bertram
  • Set and puppet building: Cecile Noldus
  • Music, sound, editing: Dirk Bertram
  • Voice of Susi: Zoe Hausstädter
  • Narrator: Tom G. Westphal

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