Songs from Sesame Street, assorted
Format LP
Label Happy Tunes
Cat no. HTA-716
Songs from Sesame Street, assorted
Format LP
Label Happy Tunes
Cat no. HTA-717

In the mid 1970s, Happy Tunes released two volumes of Susan from Sesame Street with the Bubble Gum Singers. The albums were reissues of the songs from Loretta Long's 1970 album Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street plus extra tracks by a children's chorus to expand into two volumes.

The first volume had a photo of Susan and Kermit on the cover; the second had Susan with Big Bird.

These albums were later reissued several times on records and cassettes by various subsidiaries of CBS Records.

Track listing

Volume 1

Side One

  1. ABC Song (LL)
  2. Nick Nack Paddy Wack (BGS)
  3. Draw Me a Circle (LL)
  4. Green Bottles (BGS)
  5. Children (Sister's Song and Brother's Song) (LL)
  6. The Green Grass Grew All Around (BGS)

Side Two

  1. Happiness (LL)
  2. Old MacDonald Had a Farm (BGS)
  3. Here Are Some Things that Belong Together (LL)
  4. One Little Redbird (BGS)
  5. Right in the Middle of My Face (LL)
  6. Ten Little Farmer Boys (BGS)

Volume 2

Side One

  1. ABC Song (LL)
  2. Happy Talk (LL)
  3. Hokey Pokey (BGS)
  4. Counting Song (LL)
  5. Barnyard Family (BGS)
  6. Square Song (LL)

Side Two

  1. Three Little Piggies (BGS)
  2. Lumberman's Alphabet (BGS)
  3. I Wish I Were a Windmill (BGS)
  4. What Are Little Children Made Of (LL)
  5. If You're Happy and You Know It (Clap Your Hands) (LL)
  6. Three of These Things Belong Together (LL)

Songs marked "LL" performed by Loretta Long.
Songs marked "BGS" performed by the Bubblegum Singers.

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