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Susan Sarandon with the Count.


Susan with Meryl Sheep.

Susan Sarandon (b. 1946) appeared in the 1994 special Sesame Street's All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever!

She has also appeared on Sesame Street, in a sketch with the Count. In the scene, they were stranded in front of a castle after their car had broken down on a rainy night -- a plot not unlike that of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which Sarandon starred in 1975. (EKA: Episode 2615)

Sarandon also appeared on Sesame Street in a scene with Meryl Sheep, in a sketch with Cookie Monster (SSvideo) and singing "The Alphabet Song."

Sarandon performed the voice for Ivy in the 2001 Creature Shop film Cats & Dogs.

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