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Susam sokagi title card

Title card


Minik Kus (Red Bird) and Kirpik (Grouch) from Turkey

Susam Sokağı is the Turkish co-production of Sesame Street.

It aired on TRT, from 1986 until 1991.

Minik Kuş is the full-body character -- a red version of Big Bird. Kirpik is the grouch. He lives in a pile of crates and boxes in the middle of the courtyard. Another character is Gulec the monster.

Original Cast


  • Alp Öyken as Tahsin Usta- The mechanic who could fix everything and even duplicate things, also Sabiha Teyze's husband.
  • Güven Hokna as Zehra Teyze- the fruit vendor
  • Alpay İzbırak as Nihat Amca- A stationary store owner.
  • Tevfik Tolga Tecer as Hakan Abi- a young guitar player who loves to sing.
  • Aslı Öyken Taylan as Zeynep Abla - a young woman who also lives in the street.
  • Betül Arım as Sabiha Teyze - A tailor and Tahsin Usta's wife.

Character Translations

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