Super Morphin Mega Monsters was a recurring Sesame Street sketch in the 1990s, spoofing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise, down to the logo and theme song.

The Mega Monsters team consisted of Elmosaurus, Zoeceratops, Telly Dactyl, and Rosita Raptor (in that configuration), who would "morph" into caped and helmeted outfits when trouble arose. Their arch-enemy was the evil monster alien Zostic, ruler of the planet Enormous, who would send his underlings to cause trouble on Earth.

In contrast to the fight scenes on the real Power Rangers, the Mega Monsters would run around and wave their arms in vaguely martial arts-style motions, but would only reason with others instead of attacking.

A still from the segments was used on the cover of the critical book Saturday Morning Censors.


Picture Summary / EKA Description
Toy Truck
Episode 3525
Two Anything Muppet kids want to play with the same truck, and get in an argument thanks to a spell by Zostic's minions. The Mega Monsters explain how sharing can solve their problem.
Fur Color
Episode 3641
Merry Monster wants to play tag with two blue monsters, but Zostic's underlings sow seeds of prejudice in the two monsters.
Don't Litter The team instruct a girl in the park not to litter, despite the efforts of Zostic's cronies.
Recorder Practice A Muppet girl is discouraged because she can't play her recorder well. The Mega Monsters encourage her to keep practicing, and the girl succeeds in playing her tune well.

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