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Released: Summer 2004

Articulation: Ball jointed shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, legs, ankles

Accessories: Three different interchangeable heads, rocket pack

Palisades Toys made this exclusive figure of Beaker for the Comic Con San Diego. He was also sold through the Palisades Collectors Club.

Super Beaker wears a maroon sweater with the letter B on it, a rocket pack on his back and oven mitts on his hands.

Since Beaker's trademark 'telescope head' movement could not be built into the original action figure that came with the Muppet Labs Playset, this Beaker came with three interchangeable heads: one regular head, one half-hidden head, and a helmet that seemed to be made from a bucket.

Unlike the Superhero Scooter Action Figure, who was based on an appearance on The Muppet Show, Beaker's superhero look was designed by Ken Lilly, based on the look of the title character from the film The Rocketeer.

Completely different "Super Beaker" designs have been seen twice before: once in a comic featured in an issue of Muppet Magazine; and also in poser form dressed more traditionally for a superhero with cape and tights, in a parody of Superman II.

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