Sunday NFL Countdown is a weekly NFL pregame show that airs on ESPN. Its official name is Sunday NFL Countdown presented by Snickers (it was previously known as Sunday NFL Countdown presented by IBM).


  • On October 14, 2007, Kermit the Frog appeared in a segment titled "It's Not Easy Being Green," in which the frog was sent out on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia to get the public's gut reactions to the start of the Jets and Eagles' season. Kermit claimed to be able to relate to the football players in green, and the game in general by knowing "a thing or two about gettin' thrown around by pigskin," and to Chad Pennington about having no arm strength, apparently. Framing the street interviews is a short rendition of Kermit singing "Bein' Green" by a pond at a local park.[1]
Caliendo hangs with The Muppets

Caliendo hangs with The Muppets


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  2. Caliendo and a cast of Muppets characters join this week’s Sunday Countdown

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