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Brian Meehl's 2008 vampire-themed young adult novel, Suck It Up, contains several references to Sesame Street.

The lead character briefly discusses a bedroom with "an Elmo night-light." (The author originated the character of Elmo during Sesame Street's 12th season.)

Later, the narrator mentions the "Cookie Monster growl" of a heavy metal singer.

In the acknowledgments, Meehl implies that Sesame Street's inclusive atmosphere and the existence of The Count inspired him to write a novel about vampires' fighting for acceptance in society:

First, a big thanks to all politically correct producers in children's television who, over the years, have saved me from ignorantly offending minorities I was unaware of. Without their righteous guidance, I never would have realized that a tolerant, multi-cultural society should include our bloodsucking brothers and sisters.[1]


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