Steve Zuckerman is a composer for television and movies, a songwriter, and a singer who wrote songs for at least three animated Sesame Street inserts: "I in the Sky," "Lowercase N," and "Imagination Rain."

In an “Ask the A.V. Club” column on the A.V. Club Web site of The Onion, Zuckerman recalled the experience of creating the songs:

It was just me doing the harmony and the melody—I think it was using a 4-track and bouncing tracks back and forth. That's pretty much how I did all of them.

I remember recording them around 1970 at Valentine Recording Studios (in the San Fernando Valley) for Fred Calvert Productions. I was just starting out (I had just turned 20) in my musical career as the studio's music director, and along with various other submitters, we proposed segments to CTW based on their rather detailed and voluminous source and research materials. In each of these segments, the songs were created first. The first segment (which I also performed and wrote) is still my personal favorite—"Imagination Rain," which ran for about 15 or 20 years.

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