Starsky & Hutch, meet Starsky & Crutch

Starsky & Hutch was a TV police drama focusing on a pair of detectives, with an emphasis on fast cars and shooting. The series ran from 1975 until 1979 and later inspired a 2004 film (with Ben Stiller). When the show was still new, it was mentioned multiple times in early seasons of The Muppet Show.



  • Reza Badiyi directed two episodes (1978)
  • G. W. Bailey played Slade in "The Vampire" (1976) and a hotel clerk in "The Avenger" (1978)
  • Terry Crews played Porter in the movie adaptation
  • Danny DeVito played John DeAppoliso in "The Collector" (1977)
  • José Ferrer played Crazy Joey Fortune in the two-parter "Murder at Sea" (1976)
  • John Ritter played Tom Cole in "The Hostages" (1976)
  • Ben Stiller played Starsky in the movie adaptation (2004)