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Written by John Philip Sousa
Date 1897

"Stars and Stripes Forever" is one of the most popular compositions of American composer John Philip Sousa. It is a march frequently used in 4th of July celebrations and parades.


  • More recently, the piece was featured prominently in the first of several online viral videos posted by the Muppets to YouTube, MySpace and Vimeo.


  • In a Facebook post dated September 29, 2011 on his fan page, Fozzie Bear posted, "Ooh, I’ve got one! What do you get when you cross a zebra with a guy swinging from vines? Tarzan Stripes Forever! Wocka Wocka!"
The Muppets Stars & Stripes FOREVER!02:04

The Muppets Stars & Stripes FOREVER!

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