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A stagehand is somebody who works behind-the-scenes in theaters, television, film, or location productions, with a number of different duties, from building scenery to fixing lights. On The Muppet Show, the main stagehand is Beauregard, sometimes assisted by Beaker. But they are not the only Muppet stagehands.

In episode 117, two pig stagehands move the trunk that Fozzie Bear is trapped inside onto the stage. There were also a few mentions of stagehands being employed, though not seen. In episode 223, Fozzie gives Kermit the Frog a note from the stagehands, who apologize for dropping two heavy weights from up in the rafters. In episode 303, due to a misunderstanding, Fozzie sends the stagehands to the country during the show, and Fozzie is then forced to do all of the stagehands duties.

A number of season three episodes feature a deep-voiced stangehand heard from off-screen. In Muppet Classic Theater, the rats are briefly seen as stagehands.

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