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Ticklemehelmo lvl7

Hellmo loves you!

Squee! is an independent comic book by Jhonen Vasquez, a spin-off of his previous book, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

The first issue featured a story about the "Tickle-Me Hellmo" doll. The morbid spoof of Tickle Me Elmo had several levels of "tickle" responses:

Level 1: Hellmo giggles when squeezed!

Level 2: Vibrates with glee!

Level 3: Hellmo begins to question the nature of the relationship (Why do you keep touching me?).

Level 6: Secretes substance inducing vicious rash and temporary blindness.

Level 8: Alters child's taste buds so that everything tastes like pork.

...and so on.

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