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Release Date 2003
Produced by Weton Wesgram
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region Region 0

Sprookjes/ Fantasie (Fairytales/ Imagination) is a DVD release of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. The DVD was previously released on two videotapes.

The DVD contains a sixty minute compilation of insert clips from the Dutch episodes and American clips dubbed to Dutch. The first half focuses on fairytales. The second half focuses on imagination.

This DVD was the sixth Sesamstraat DVD produced by Weton Wesgram (SESDV006) in a series of Sesamstraat compilation DVDs.



  • Hans & Grietje: Deel 1 (Hansel & Gretel: Part 1)
  • Roodkapje (Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Hans & Grietje: Deel 2 (Hansel & Gretel: Part 2)
  • Magische 2 (Magical 2)
  • Weet je Wat Ik Wou? (Do You Know What I Wish?)
  • Hans & Grietje: Deel 3 (Hansel & Gretel: Part 3)
  • Paddestoel (Mushroom)
  • Sneeuwwutje (Snow White)
  • Draak (Dragon)
  • De Schone Snurkster (Sleeping Beauty Snores)
  • Bij de Rovers (At the Robbers)
  • Grote Boze Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf)
  • Het Bomen Lied (The Tree Song)
  • Ieniemienie Vertelt een Verhaal (Ieniemienie Tells a Story)


  • Boot (Boat)
  • In Mijn Boek Lied (In My Book Song)
  • Boer Oscar (Farmer Oscar)
  • Fantasie (Imagination)
  • Denk Aan Iets Leuks (Think Happy Thoughts)
  • Arnold
  • Het Fantasiespel (The Imagination Game)
  • Schommel (The Swing)
  • De Toverdoos (The Magic Box)
  • Als De Maan Een Koekje Was ("If Moon Was Cookie")
  • Magisch Varken (The Magic Pig)
  • Cowboy
  • Jongensland (Boyland)
  • Bergbeklimmer (Mountain climber)

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