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Sprocket, a dog of many talents, has imitated various people, animals, and things over the course of Fraggle Rock.

Picture Subject Episode Notes
Ned Shimmelfinny Episode 102: Wembley and the Gorgs
and others
Sprocket makes a "Blahrrgh" sound, waving his paws and clutching at his neck in a choking manner. This is his version of Ned.
Monster Episode 107: I Want to Be You Sprocket tries on a monster mask for the costume ball.
Ghost/Pile of Laundry Episode 107: I Want to Be You Doc's suggestion for Sprocket's costume, before realizing that if Sprocket goes as laundry, he'll have to go as bleach.
Doc Episode 107: I Want to Be You Proving that pets do resemble their owners, Sprocket dresses as Doc, and even fixes a toaster device, while Doc goes as Sprocket.
Horse Episode 208: All Work and All Play Sprocket decides he wants to be a horse. Doc outfits him with a saddle and cellophane-attached horse shoes.
The Swedish Chef Episode 319: The Cavern of Lost Dreams While inventing a cereal, Sprocket does a brief imitation of the Swedish Chef, complete with theme song hum and "Bork bork!"
Doberman Pinscher Episode 410: Red's Blue Dragon Sprocket does a vocal impression of a doberman, snarling at Doc, considering costume party ideas.
Elephant Episode 410: Red's Blue Dragon Sprocket tries being an elephant.
French Poodle Episode 410: Red's Blue Dragon Sprocket ultimately goes to the costume ball as a yappy French poodle. (Fluffinella goes with the same costume.)
Cat Episode 413: Boober Gorg Sprocket pretending to be a cat, to comfort Ned in Fluffinella's absence.

International versions

Picture Subject Episode Notes
Unicorn Episode 113: We Love You, Wembley (French version) Doc straps a horn on "Croquette", to pose for Madame Pontaven's crest.

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