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Give to thee
Earl and Fran

A list of married couples, both on screen and in books. In the case of long-running characters, the source listed is the character's first appearance.


Bob Cratchit & Emily Cratchit -- The Muppet Christmas Carol
Count von Count & The Countess -- Sesame Street
Daddy Dodo & Mommy Dodo -- Follow That Bird
Daddy Snuffle & Mommy Snuffleupagus -- See You Later, Mashed Potater!
Earl Sinclair & Fran Sinclair -- Dinosaurs
Elmo's grandparents -- Elmo Gets Homesick
Father Bunny & Mother Bunny -- The Tale of the Bunny Picnic
Father Mouse & Mother Mouse -- Mopatop's Shop
Fozzie's Dad & Fozzie's Mom -- Muppet Kids
Flange Doozer & Wingnut Doozer -- Fraggle Rock
Gordon & Susan -- Sesame Street
The Hatrack & The Dressing Room Chair -- The Muppet Show episode 112
Herry's Father & Herry's Mother -- Sesame Street "Herry's Family Song"
Humphrey & Ingrid -- Sesame Street
Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy -- The Muppets Take Manhattan
King Ploobis & Queen Peuta -- The Land of Gorch
King Rupert the Second & The Queen -- The Muppet Show
Louie & Mae -- Sesame Beginnings and Talk, Listen, Connect
Luis & Maria -- Sesame Street episode 2485
Nils & Annette -- Sesamstrasse episode 2335
Otto Otter & Etta Otter -- Bear in the Big Blue House
Pa Gorg & Ma Gorg -- Fraggle Rock
Papa Bear & Mama Bear-- Sesame Street
Ricardo & Rosa -- Talk, Listen, Connect: Changes
Thomas Twiddlebug & Tessie Twiddlebug -- Sesame Street

No Longer Married

Grandpa Louie & Ethyl Phillips -- Dinosaurs (Louie died)
Pa Otter & Ma Otter -- Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas (Pa died)
unnamed & Monica DeVertebrae -- Dinosaurs (Divorced)
Sam the Eagle & Eunice -- The Muppet Show (Divorced)
Uncle Jack & Aunt Jill -- When Families Grieve (Jack died)
Abby Cadabby's mommy & Abby Cadabby's daddy -- Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce (Divorced) 
Daddy Snuffle & Mommy Snuffleupagus -- unaired Sesame Street episode (Divorced, in that episode only)
Waldorf & Astoria -- The Muppet Show episode 413

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