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[[Category:Sesame Street Guest Stars|Barron, Chris]]
[[Category:Sesame Street Guest Stars]]
[[Category:Celebrities|Barron, Chris]]
[[Category:Musical References]]
[[Category:Musical References]]

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Spin Doctors are an American jam band/alternative rock, best known for their 1993 hits, "Two Princes" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong". Band members are Chris Barron (vocals), Eric Schenkman (guitar and vocals), Aaron Comess (drums and percussion), and Mark White (bass guitar).

In 1996, the band appeared on Sesame Street to sing "Two Princes" with Zoe, Telly and Elmo. Frontman Chris Barron mediates a discussion between the three about how the three of them can all play together.

Barron later appeared on The Greatest TV Moments: Sesame Street Music A-Z to talk about the appearance.

Another of Spin Doctors' song, "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong," was parodied on Sesame Street as "Little Miss Count Along," sung by The Count and Zoe.

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