The Spider

The Spider appears in the Mother Goose Stories episode "Miss Muffet".

Little Miss Muffet has been taken to the countryside after pretending to be ill. Sneaking out of the inn in which she is staying, she soon meets a farmer churning butter. Miss Muffet asks if she could try and the farmer gladly obliges, letting the young girl try her hand at work. After hours of churning, the farmer rewards her for all her work with a dish of curds and whey, which she goes off to eat under the shade of the trees.

Sitting on a tuffet, she began to eat her curds and whey, when a great large spider comes down from the trees above. The girl has never seen such an enormous and hideous-looking spider before, and she is so frightened that she gives a scream, drops her curds and whey on the ground, and runs away towards the farmer's house as fast as she can.

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