2004 reissue.

Sesamstraat- Spelen met Letters (1998)

Sesamstraat- Spelen met Letters (1998)

Gameplay video of this game.

Spelen met Letters: Letters Komen Tot Leven in Sesamstraat (Playing with Letters: Letters Are Coming Alive in Sesamstraat) is a Sesamstraat CD-ROM game for home computers developed by Mindscape and Sesame Workshop. Characters include Bert and Ernie, Neef Jan, Oscar Mopperkont and Snuffie.

The game teaches children about letters, words, rhymes and shapes. It was first released in 1998, and reissued in 2004.


  • "Shape recognition": With one click the objects in Bert and Ernie's appartment will change in a shape. Sometimes the shape will be named, like circle or square.
  • "Rhyming": Neef Jan wil make a rhyme and you have to point the right object that rhymes.
  • "Sound recognition": In this game they do use the phonetic sound of a letter (S becomes ssss).
  • "Letter recognition": Oscar ask you to find the first letter from an object.