Jerryjuhl celebration

"Follow Me" is being sung by the Fraggle puppeteers at the celebration of Jerry Juhl.

Special Tribute to Jerry Juhl is a featurette on the Fraggle Rock: Complete Second Season DVD set.

Jerry Nelson, Susan Juhl, Martin Baker, Dave Goelz, Lawrence S. Mirkin, Sugith Varughese, Jocelyn Stevenson, Steve Whitmire, David Young, Phil Balsam, Duncan Kenworthy and Robert Sandler share their memories about Jerry Juhl and his work on Fraggle Rock.

The documentary ends with a picture and video montage of Jerry Juhl to a new version of the song "Follow Me," re-written by Dennis Lee and Phil Balsam, and sung by Phil Balsam and the puppeteers at the celebration event that was held in Jerry's honor.

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