PERFORMER Kelsey Grammer voice
DEBUT 1999

Snowball is one of the main characters of Animal Farm.

Snowball is an inventive pig who influences others to his side with intelligence and compassion. He also believes in a continued revolution: he argues that in order to defend Animal Farm, he must strengthen the reality of Old Major's dream of a life without humans and that they must stir up rebellions in other farms throughout England. After the rebellion, Snowball paints on the barn doors what he calls the Seven Commandments of "Animalism". When questioned about the disappearance of the farm's milk and apples by the other animals, he confesses that he and the other pigs have taken the milk and apples for themselves. Snowball later proposes that the animals build a windmill to improve their operations, but Napoleon opposes the plan. When the animals show support for Snowball, Napoleon calls Jessie's puppies - now grown dogs trained as his private army - to chase Snowball out of Animal Farm, leaving his fate unknown.

Later, when Mr. Jones detonates the first version of the windmill, Napoleon blames Snowball for it and declares him a "traitor and a criminal" and Squealer reveals that the windmill was Napoleon's idea all along.