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Snow dogs

Snow Dogs

Released January 18, 2002
Duration 99 min
Director Brian Levant
Written by Gary Paulsen (book)
Music John Debney
Studio The Walt Disney Company
Rated PG

Snow Dogs is a live-action movie, based on the book Winterdance. The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod by Gary Paulsen. Jim Henson's Creature Shop supplied an animatronic version of one of the dogs, Demon.


Theodore "Ted" Brooks (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a renowned dentist of Miami, Florida, travels to the wilds of Alaska to claim his inheritance left by his late mother - seven Siberian Huskies and a border collie - and discovers his roots. Totally out of his element, he has to face challenges he has never dreamed of: blizzards, thin ice, an intimidating, crusty old mountain man called Thunder Jack (played by James Coburn in one of his final roles), his aggressive, defiant new lead dog, Demon, and the Arctic Challenge Sled Dog Race which is only two weeks away.

While his stay in Tolketna, Brooks tries to find his father, but he can't manage. Instead, Thunder Jack wants to buy all of his sled dogs, especially Demon. But Brooks tries to do his best to learn mushing, but he doesn't even really start.

He gives up after his first, unsuccessful tries and sells the dogs to Thunder Jack. With the dogs, Thunder Jack takes part in the Arctic Challenge Race but is not able to finish it because of a storm. He rescues himself and the dogs to a cave.

Brooks, whom is back in Miami, watches a TV report about the Race and sees, that Jack could not manage to finish it. He immediately starts a rescue mission for Jack and finally brings him over the finish line.




  • Fly and Dash as Nana
  • D.J. and Cody as Demon
  • Floyd as Mac
  • Speedy as Scooper
  • Shadow as Diesel
  • Tika as Duchess
  • Buck as Sniff
  • Koda as Yodel

Creature Shop Credits


Many of the dogs and mushers used in the film were locals. Two of the the hero team doubles and all of Olivier's team were supplied by Nakitsilik Siberians of Bridge Lake, BC. Mountain Mushers' from Golden BC supplied the Thunder Jack team. Old Ernie's team was supplied by Russ Gregory from Calgary, Alberta. Arcticsun Siberian Husky Kennel from Edmonton, Alberta was one of many kennels - including Czyz, Snowy Owl, Gatt racing and others - from the area that supplied background for the film. Two of the dogs came from Kortar Kennels, in Ontario.

John Debney won the ASCAP Award in 2003 for the soundtrack of "Snow Dogs".

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