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Smiling Jim Sepulveda's table-eating wig

In The Muppet Show episode 404, a wig is left in Dyan Cannon's dressing room. Kermit the Frog calls on the guest star to make sure the wig is alright. As Cannon claims she's not wearing a wig, Kermit directs her attention to the pet wig in a nearby cage. He explains that it belongs to Smiling Jim Sepulveda and His Tapdancing Toupées and that it feeds on table scraps. Cannon clears off the table in front of her, breaks of a piece of the tabletop, and feeds it to the wig. The wig doesn't speak or make any familiar pet-like noises, but it has a set of razor-sharp teeth which make up its only features besides its mane of hair.

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