DEBUT 1976

Small Bird is a character created for the Ice Follies touring show featuring walk-around (skate-around), full-bodied versions of the Sesame Street Muppets.

Premiering in the 41st edition of the Ice Follies in September 1976, Small Bird appeared in a number with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie.[1]

Performed by six-year-old Adam Baker of the Ice Follies performing Baker family of seven, Small Bird was reported by some members of the press to be either the "son" of Big Bird[2] or his little little brother,[3] but more accurately a "protege" to Big Bird's "mentor" by others[4][5][6] tagging along with the elder bird who was "teaching him what life was all about".[7]

Small Bird stood forty inches tall and was reportedly created by Jim Henson especially for Ice Follies.[8][9]

The character appeared in Ice Follies shows until at least 1978,[10] but never featured in any other media.

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