Sky Splash is the largest attraction at Sesame Place. The ride opened to the public in 1995. Sky Splash is located in Twiddlebug Land, a section where everything is "larger than life". It is designed to look as if it's made out of giant Tinker Toys, rulers, and other household items. It features a giant 8-foot-tall Rubber Duckie atop which spits water onto riders. Sky Splash allows up to six riders in a large raft-tube.

Riders glide under oversized items as they descend more than 6 stories high stopping in "sky" ponds with whirlpool-like jet streams and falling into "accelerator slides" with speeds up to 20 feet per second. The ride concludes with a final plunge into a giant pool of water.

Official Description

Located in the park's Twiddlebug Land section, where visitors are made to feel like tiny beetle-like creatures that live in Ernie's and Bert's window box, Sky Splash is almost five stories high. A stair/ramp leads to an 8-foot-tall Rubber Duckie out of whose beak a huge blast of water sprays over everyone and into "sky ponds." Giant Tinker Toys spin water over the 12-foot-wide slide that stretches more than 500 feet to the splash-down pool. Groups of up to eight can ride in huge raft-like tubes in 50,000 gallons of water, and along the way, encounter some surprises.