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Sky is a broadcasting and streaming media company that serves as Europe's largest pay-TV broadcaster with over 20 million subscribers. It consists of several subsidiaries, including:

Sky Movies

In March 2014, the network aired a thirty minute behind-the-scenes feature on Muppets Most Wanted. In November the same year, a television commercial aired to promote the channel's Christmas lineup of movies, including Muppets Most Wanted, in which a family finds themselves as Muppets during a production of The Muppet Show.

Sky 1


Sky Poster

Sky's flagship channel broadcasts The Muppets, imported from ABC in the US. Miss Piggy announced the news on Facebook in July 2015. [1] Scenes from the pitch pilot were redubbed for a UK-trailer, with Kermit announcing "Sky 1 wants to put on a new prime-time series starring the Muppets," instead of the original "ABC wants to put on a new prime-time series starring the Muppets." Several other Sky 1-tailored trailers were produced, and aired in October leading up to the show's UK-premiere date of October 19, 2015.

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